These patches are custom made as you order them, I do not charge for any new artwork design. I make these patches "one at a time" in my Sweatshop/Home! This started when I had a neighbor who was in 2nd Infantry Division, stationed near the DMZ in Korea and he asks me to make him a Patch. He said no one cares about Korea, so there are very few Patches made. I made him one patch, then another, then another? He started showing them to his Military Friends and they ask me to make some for them. I am honored that these forgotten heroes’ wear my work. I love the fact these custom made one at a time, and they may be the same but I can see a difference between each one I make? I am the WHOLE factory, I do this as a labor of love for our troops and because it makes me feel good too! I can make other Patches too.....but I will always make a Military Patch for a Soldier First. My customers like knowing they have something that was made just for them. They will have a patch that few, if anyone else have the same patch. E-mail your orders to crmurphy0714@gmail.com . Once we receive your order we will get back to you with the shipping date and a total price. Free SHIPPING:


Dorrena Compton
2997 Grace View Pl
Granite Falls, NC 28630